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What is?
We, the undersigned, members of the group “Our Wanted Peace”, in solidarity with all national interests, bearing in mind the need for a society that can freely express itself and is taken into account in all public discussions and in the decision making arenas, in the interest of contributing to the resolution of our country's problems,
  • T
             hat the Colombian people deserve
             an end to the armed conflict,
    one which has confronted the State with subversive bodies and other types of armed delinquency for over 50 years in a fratricidal fight, with dire consequences for human dignity, democracy and the sustainable development.
  • That the challenges of a country that aspires to reach sustainable growth must be resolved within the social and democratic State, subject to the rule of law.
  • That there are still unsolved problems from the past, an important one is the agricultural issue, which generates other very diverse problems and also keeps others, apparently unrelated to their surroundings, from being resolved.
  • That for the country to reach the desirable conditions, the committed participation of the civil society and its people, through ethical and democratic values is not only crucial, but necessary.
  • That a just and sustainable peace must take the pain and human rights of the victims seriously, as well as the clarification of past events, the accountability from the perpetrators of the many atrocities, the acceptance of responsibility and effective guarantees of non-repetition.
  • That it is imperative to develop a strategic vision of a desirable Colombia in the medium-term, in the pursuit of a prosperous nation, environmentally sustainable, more just, more equitable, more democratic, more inclusive with gender, age, ethnic, and sexual orientation differences and in peace.
Whe declare that
  1. P
             eace, with the adequate mechanisms           of transitional justice, will bring
    more justice to the victims and society, than the continuation of this war with widespread impunity.
  2. We stand in solidarity with all the victims from all sides in the armed conflict, and we join them in their pain and their yearning for truth, justice, restoration and peace.
  3. We believe that the implementation of the peace agreements with subversive bodies requires strategies executed by communities that participate from within the territories, with the support of the State, thus seeking the solution to structural problems that make peaceful and democratic coexistence difficult.
  4. We are convinced that territorial peace is achieved through the articulation of diverse visions and the participation of the local communities, in accordance with the challenges of human development, culture, education, social equity, gender equality, and environmental sustainability.
  1. We urge the National Government to promote the effective participation of society in the tasks of public interest, through legal mechanisms and corresponding materials.
  2. We recommend the civil society organizations to promote initiatives of local and regional development, coexistence and reconciliation, and at the same time we appeal to them so that they channel their social protests through lawful and democratic means.
  3. We insist in the need for the parties and political movements to modify political customs that shred values, in order to create legal and material conditions that privilege the common good over individual interests and promote the development of citizen initiatives that contribute to the construction of a culture of legality.
  1. We demand the compromise of businessmen, and businesswomen, so that they don't dabble in corrupt practices, establish economic relations of fairness and solidarity, and cooperate in an active manner in the development of citizen initiatives within the framework of corporate social responsibility.
  2. We ask that the Armed Forces review the doctrines and operational processes in order to adjust them to new scenarios that guarantee public and national safety, respect for human rights and the political participation of social players in activities related to the construction of peace.
  3. We demand that the guerrilla, as a result of the negotiations, make the effective abandonment of their weapons, suspend their criminal activity and exercise their civil rights within the regulations of the social and democratic State, subject to the rule of law.
  4. We demand that organized delinquency cease their criminal and illegal activities - such as drug trafficking and illegal mining, and submit to justice.
  1. We invite new generation to participate in a more active manner in the construction of peace.
  2. We strongly encourage the international cooperation organizations to co-finance the initiatives of the State and the civil society that lead to a more democratic, inclusive and peaceful society.
  3. Consequently, we commit ourselves to promoting the debate and participation of the civil society and the people towards the implementation of the Agreements in Havana - and eventually, those that result from the negotiations with the ELN -, and to act as interlocutors of viable initiatives surrounding such matters, until we achieve the formation of a critical mass that generates changes destined to establish equitable, constructive and peaceful social relationships.
Bogotá. 05 of May of 2016

These are the 42 names of the founders and core group of Our wanted peace and our growing group, of
followers whose endorse gradually in order to generate a community
participativa y consciente de la situación actual del país.

Vargas Velásquez
Gómez Méndez
Rettberg Beil
Pérez Salazar
Toro Arango
Carlos Eduardo
Gonzáles Fernández
Carlos José
González Hernández
Carlos Justino
Novoa Matallana
López Montaño
Claudia Patricia
Cáceres Cáceres
Fajardo Montaña
Diego Fernando
Medina Tovar
Herrera Berbel
Ungar Bleier
Fernán Enrique
González González
De Roux
Leal Buitrago
Germán Augusto
Rey Beltrán
Medina Uribe
Acevedo Restrepo
Jorge A.
Restrepo Torres
Fernando Isaza
Juan Camilo
Restrepo Salazar
Juan Mario
Laserna Jaramillo
Juan Pablo
Ferro Casas
Carrizosa Umaña
Pacheco Silva
Rodríguez Becerra
Marino De Botero
Maria Teresa
Garcés Lloreda
Aparicio Smith
Patiño Hormaza
Orduz Medina
Ricardo Maria
Cañón Prieto
Uprimny Yepes
Victor Hugo
Malagón Basto
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